Here's what their website looks like.As an Internet user you have probably had several experiences in which the website that you are browsing is taking too long to load. The wait frustrates you and you end up going to another website instead. Now that you are about to put up your own online retail shop, that is one thing that you would never want to happen. Having a slow website would mean losses for your company. How do you remedy this type of situation?

You could search for hosts that provide solid state drives (SSDs), as they are known to increase the speed of your website. However this type of hosting is not generally available with low-cost shared plans. But there is an alternative.

The first thing that you need to do is to look for a web host that is reliable and extremely efficient. While there are probably hundreds of different companies offering web hosting services, you need to do a large amount of research to make sure that you end up with the best one that will give you all your web hosting needs at the same time will also give you great value for your money. The best web hosting company to give you all that and more is DreamHost WebHosting.

What you need to know about DreamHost WebHosting
DreamHost Webhosting started in April of 1997 is currently one of the most sought-after and most successful web hosting companies in the Internet. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Dreamhost offers a wide range of services that cater to the needs of the simplest blog owners to the large businesses. The company currently employs over 60 full time employees all of which are working on different specializations thereby making them one of the most comprehensive web hosts today.

DreamHost Web Hosting Packages and Features

1.) Shared Web Hosting
For a monthly fee of $8.95, you will get unlimited disk storage, a monthly bandwidth, hosted domains, Full Shell, SSH/FTP/SFTP users, email accounts, mySQL 5 Databases, and a Debian Linux operating system. When you are using a shared web host, you are sharing a single server’s resources such as the CPU and the RAM with a number of other clients. This is the most ideal package for web designers, bloggers, and small-scale business owners.

2.) Virtual Private Server (VPS)
The fee for a VPS can set you back anywhere between $15 to $200 per month depending on the RAM that you require. Each server has exclusive use of a certain number of features therefore the activities of one website in that server will not in any way affect the activities of the other websites. If you are generally concerned about the slowing down of your website due to the higher demands of another at a given time, the VPS will be the best option for you. If you are currently expanding your website to include newer and better features such as a faster shopping cart and check out function, you might want to consider investing in the VPS package.

3.) Dedicated Web Hosting
At $100 to $250 per month, having a dedicated web hosting service is definitely an investment that you will need to make. This is the most costly package at DreamHost WebHosting because it also gives you a lot of benefits that will ensure your website’s efficiency. By having a dedicated web host you will have a physical server that you and only you can access. You are the only one who will have access to the server along with all its resources and functions. With unlimited bandwidth, people who browse through your website can do so easily with speed giving them the best experience.

Reasons To Choose DreamHost Web Hosting

If there are two things that DreamHost Webhosting is well known for, it is their quality of service and affordability of their packages. You are assured of 24/7 support should you experience a slowdown in your website, or worse, a crash. You can count on any of the friendly and skilled technicians to take care of your problem right away. If you are a business owner you will love the fact that DreamHost WebHosting works hand in hand with you to give your customers the best browsing experience possible. With the affordable packages at DreamHost WebHosting, you are also assured to have the best value for your hard-earned money.